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Another wave of hot summer deals on games from G2A in their Mid Week Sale Hot Deals promotion that is currently running with discounts of up to 80% of their regular prices. You can get the following games in seriously discounted prces if you hurry and don’t miss your chance: Rocket League Game of the Year Edition, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, Call of Duty: Black Ops II,Call of Duty: Black Ops, Dead by Daylight, Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Complete Edition, Don’t Starve Together, Space Engineers, Starbound, Grand Theft Auto Collection, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, Tropico 4 Collector’s Bundle, Endless Legend, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition, Medieval II: Total War Collection, Lords Of The Fallen Digital Deluxe, DiRT 3 Complete Edition, Empire: Total War Collection, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat, Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, Goat Simulator, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Poly Bridge, Rayman Legends and RollerCoaster Tycoon: Deluxe as well as some random Steam keys if you are willing to test your luck and get some cool games really cheap.

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Today’s Deal on Steam gives you the chance to save up to Ssave up to 90% on Team 17 titles during this week’s Midweek Madness, do note that this offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time. There are a large number of unique in style and interesting and fun games from Team 17 including the popular Worms and Escapist franchises, but not limited to only them.

Featured Games Included in the Sale:
– My Time in Portia
– The Escapist 2
– The Escapist
– Overcooked
– Overcooked 2
– Yooka-Laylee
– Worms W.M.D.
– Mugsters
– Yoku’s Island Express
– Forged Battalion
– Sword Legacy Omen
– Raging Justice
– Planet Alpha
– Genesis Alpha One
– Aven Colony
– Sheltered
– Interplanetary
– And many more including content for the Escapist and Worms franchise…

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If you missed to get the game Hacknet for absolutely free earlier this year, a promotion that we have posted about, you can now get an almost as good deal. You can get the game Hacknet aT 80% off the regular price, this means just 1.99 EURO, as the normal price of the game is 9.99 EUR, so do not miss your chance… the offer ends Wednesday at 10AM Pacific Time.

Hacknet is an immersive, terminal-based hacking simulator for PC. Dive down a rabbit hole as you follow the instructions of a recently deceased hacker, whose death may not have been the accident the media reports. Using old school command prompts and real hacking processes, you’ll solve the mystery with minimal hand-holding and a rich world full of secrets to explore.

Bit, a hacker responsible for creating the most invasive security system on the planet, is dead. When he fails to reconnect to his system for 14 days, his failsafe kicks in, sending instructions in automated emails to a lone user. As that user, it’s up to you to unravel the mystery and ensure that Hacknet-OS doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Exploring the volatile nature of personal privacy, the prevalence of corporate greed, and the hidden powers of hackers on the internet, Hacknet delivers a true hacking simulation, while offering a support system that allows total beginners get a grasp of the real-world applications and commands found throughout the game.

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