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G2A Deal Edition 3 is out now and so is your chance to get some Great Deals for games by purchasing them in a pack direct from the developers or the publishers at a discounted price. The month long game deal includes 5 different game titles that can be yours for just 2.99 EURO instead of the regular price of the pack that is 68.95 EUR.

The games included in the deals pack are: Bulb Boy, Tempest, The Red Solstice, Mushroom Wars, The Uncertain: Episode 1. The Last quiet day. You will get Steam keys for all of the game included in this edition of the G2A Deals should you decide to get the whole pack. You can even get a slightly better price if you decide to get the deals on a monthly subscription basis instead of purchasing them as a one time offer.

To get more details about the G2A Deal Edition 3 and the 5 new games included…