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There is another G2A Direct Sale running at the moment giving you the chance to score some sweet game deals direct from developers. You have a choice of 20 different games to choose from, you can get one, a couple or all of them with some nice discount off the regular prices… all of the titles included int he sale can be redeemed from Steam with the keys you will get after a successful purchase.

Games in the G2A Direct Sale:
– Typoman: Revised
– Wuppo
– Mini Thief
– Save the Dodos
– VRidge
– Gumboy Tournament
– Inquisitor
– Exoplanet: First Contact
– Herocraft Collection
– The Keep
– 64.0
– Redout
– Epistory – Typing Chronicles
– Dirt: Showdown
– DiRT 3 Complete Edition
– Hue
– Unbox
– Table Top Racing: World Tour
– Syberia
– Syberia II

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Steam is running a Headup Games publisher sale with discount for the games by the game studio going as high as 80% off the regular prices. So make sure you check out the games that are currently in the promotion, there is even an option to buy the complete pack of games by the game studio in a single package. Do note that offer on Headup Games games on Steam ends Monday May 22nd at 10AM Pacific Time, so don’t miss your chance to get some cool indie games at discounted prices.

List of Headup games in the promo:
– Greed: Black Border
– Future Wars
– Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes
– Trapped Dead
– Grotesque Tactics 2 – Dungeons and Donuts
– Bridge Constructor
– The Inner World
– Holy Avatar vs. Maidens of the Dead
– Deadly 30
– Meridian: New World
– Shiny The Firefly
– Bridge Constructor Playground
– The Inner World Soundtrack
– Arson and Plunder: Unleashed
– Trapped Dead: Lockdown
– Onikira – Demon Killer
– Skilltree Saga
– Bridge Constructor Medieval
– Race.a.bit
– Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic
– Solar Shifter EX
– Windscape
– Devils & Demons
– SoulCraft
– Sunny Hillride
– In Between
– In Between Soundtrack
– Solar Shifter EX – Soundtrack
– Fill Up!
– Dub Dash
– Bridge Constructor Stunts
– Trulon: The Shadow Engine
– Meridian: Squad 22
– SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell
– Safety First!

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